Build Your MLM Business With Business Networks

Building your MLM business can be easier if you understand what needs to be done. It all starts with a strategy, your primary goals that do not change and then designing the tactical marketing campaigns to implement. Any business in any industry is created from the drawing board and then into real life. Before you can even push your opportunity to the next door neighbors, you will need a solid business plan. Creating this paper muscular hero is a challenge, especially for the traditional businesses. Lucky for you, you need to work out the basic operation, purpose, marketing, income use and a few other ideas to get into the idea that you have a serious business.

Building up business networks is a great idea, after you have gained enough ground experience. The overall strategy needs to cover the way that you intend to build networks for your MLM business. Your personal downlines is different story than the other networks; this is a source of income, while the others are not. The other networks may shrink or grow depending on if they leave to join your business or if you acquire new interested parties. This means that you can create different networks for different purposes. A business network may give you endorsements to reputation.

Your MLM business needs traffic from some of the networks, using them to move your ideas along is a great way to pull in the traffic. Once you get a stream of traffic or network traffic, your pages need evidence and a strong landing page to convert to sign up’s for business or for sales for the product or opportunity. Keeping the pace up can seem to be a stumbling block but you have to realize that you cannot slow your marketing campaign down. How do you handle those who are bogging down the flow? These MLM business stumbling blocks are either sales in the making and they are indecisive or intentional road blocks designed to slow your business. You can handle it in a variety of means; however you have to find out the intention first.

If you are getting emails or your chat system is ringing off the hook constantly, it’s time to handle some issues. Examine the email’s intention, read it a few times to absorb the information before you respond. Compose your response carefully, always answer any questions, and invite them for a quick meeting. If your chat is acting haywire, get on and see if you can chat with the folks for a bit, answer their questions and offer to send them an info pack. What you don’t have an info pack to give out? Most MLM business owners have a form of digital info pack that they can send out in a moment’s notice. These psychological gifts are intended to provide a good amount of information that captures the interests of the parties by highlighting the best facts. It takes maybe about an hour to design one for your MLM business.

Wooing Small Business With Business Credit Cards

A few weeks ago (April 18, 2007), Discover Financial Services launched a new business credit card that offers frequent flier miles to small business owners. Among the credit card brands, Discover was one of the last to start offering business credit cards to the small business sector. Reportedly, this is only the latest in a virtual avalanche of business credit cards designed for small business.

One cannot but wonder at the sudden interest.

Perhaps a glance at recent research material will offer some clues. Data shows that in 2006, the small business sector spent $4.9 trillion; but only one-twentieth (5%) of that money was paid through business credit cards in any form (credit or debit card). The credit card companies now want in on that huge market, and believe they can induce small business owners to not only make use of their business credit cards but also to spend more on their cards.

To achieve this, the credit card companies will have to convince the small business owners to use business credit cards in less traditional ways. Traditionally, business credit cards have largely been used to cover travel and entertainment expenses. What card companies want is for businesses to use their business credit cards for everyday spend.

This is the reason behind the new cash back rewards business credit cards. These cards offer 5% discounts on purchases of office supplies, gasoline, courier services and other essential business needs. MasterCard even went as far as launching a business credit card targeted at a specific industry: contractors and construction companies. MasterCard was also the first card company to provide zero-liability protection to small business credit card holders.

Discover’s recently launched business credit cards offer small business the chance to purchase checkbooks. This enables small business owners to pay for purchases from vendors that don’t accept business credit cards. These checkbooks tap into the spending limit on their Discover business credit cards. Visa offers a directly competing program.

American Express sponsors various networking events for small business credit card holders. It also features one of the most extensive business resource databases to help users of its business credit cards to address and resolve their everyday business management problems and concerns.

How big is the potential market for business credit cards, you may ask? If you take the $4.9 trillion small business spending in 2006 and double the current business credit card spend from 5% ($245 billion) to 10%, you have $490 billion. If you charge 15% interest on that, you have a $74 billion potential contribution to profits. In fact, market research companies forecast double-digit growth in small business credit cards between now and 2010, and total charges are projected to reach $740.2 billion by that year. That is a lot of profit.

It has been an uphill climb to get small business owners to subscribe to an expanded use of business credit cards. It takes time, but eventually business owners will respond. One issue that business credit card issuers will have to address is the marked preference of small businesses to pay their full balance for the month as and when it falls due. Card companies do not earn from such transactions. That should be food enough for thought.

Need to Recharge Your Business? Internet Marketing Online Will Give You a Boost!

Whether you have an online or offline business, creating a marketing component that publicizes you with business internet marketing online is a must-have in these increasingly virtual times!

It’s amazing, actually. With the power of “local search” in the search engines, the Internet is eve more powerful than the yellow pages at helping ready-to-buy consumers find a local plumber or real estate agent just as easily as they find MP3 downloads or e-books for sale.

You, too, can attract eager prospects to you, online with some savvy business marketing strategies. It’s not easy, but it’s an investment that will pay off in the long term.

Here are the CRITICAL things you must do to create a solid business presence through Internet marketing online.

1) Focus on one niche. It’s possible that you do a number of things. As entrepreneurs many of us are drawn toward having lots of irons in the fire. You may have a bookkeeping service and a plumbing business. Don’t try to “save money” by combining the two. Have different websites devoted to the different activities.

2) Find out how people are searching for your products and services online. For example, let’s say you’re in the HVAC trade and you know that annual maintenance of HVAC machines is very important. Well, your clients might not know that and may rarely search for a technician to help them with that problem. The truth is, there are probably a lot more people searching for things like “air conditioner not working” or “how to fix my air conditioner.” The key thing to remember is that you want to know what people are looking up, so you can be found when they search for those terms. Those terms that people type into the search engines are called “keywords.” You want your site to rank well for these keywords. To find out what keywords are being used in your niche, go to and do a search for “google keyword tool” – you should find Google’s keyword suggestion tool and you can type in YOUR idea of what people search for, and Google will look through it’s database to find terms that are similar. Google will show you terms that people actually type into the search engines. You can also find out how many other competing sites are also being optimized for these terms.

3) Decide which keywords to optimize your site for, and create a lot of content that incorporates those keywords. In order for your website to rank well, you’re going to need to have lots of articles of content. Forget having just a 5 or 10 page website. The only way those will get traffic is through someone typing the URL directly into the web browser, or through your buying pay per click ads – which can be effective, but is also pricey to learn. That’s an advanced strategy. This article is focused on business internet marketing online using natural search engine optimization strategies. Choose keywords that have a relatively high number of searches but few competing websites. (You can find out the level of competition by going to Google and typing in your “keyword” in “quotation marks”. Google will tell you that there are 42,300 competing sites – that’s your competition. Your goal should be to find keywords with at least 1,000 searches per month and fewer than 50,000 competing websites. You can choose words with fewer than 1,000 searches per month, but if you do, I would make sure they are very focused – such as “HVAC repair seattle, wa” or “cheap quickbooks virtual assistant bookkeeper.” The fact that these people are very clearly looking for YOU makes it worth taking the effort to help them find you, even if there aren’t many of them, they are high quality prospects.

4) Write, write, write. You’ll want to write about 20-50 articles for your site to start off with, then put it on “autopilot” by giving it fresh content every 3-7 days… more often if your niche is highly competitive. Search engines like to see the site growing over time.

5) Get links back into your site. It’s very important that you have links coming to your site from quality referral pages. These days, you can promote your site through a variety of free sources including “Web 2.0” media, such as,,, etc. This is known as social media. You should strive to get upwards of 40 links to your site, and the pages within your site. This can take some time, but it is well worth the effort.

6) Focus on on-page conversion. Once you have traffic to your site, you want to make sure that the visitor has a good experience. Consider what is the MAIN THING you want your visitor to do when he is on your site – is it to call you, fill out lead form, enter their name and email address, visit a sales page and buy a product? You need to be clear on what they should do, or they won’t know either. The confused mind gives up and leaves! Make it easy and straight forward.

This is just the tip of the ice burg when it comes to Small Business internet marketing online. There are lot of other ways you can promote your website to get traffic, and there are lots of other ways to make money from the visitors who do come.

Ensure a Stable Business With Business Debt Tracker

Businesses needs funds to operate, pay the salaries of its employees, pay rental for its premises and purchase goods and stocks. Thus, large or small companies need to acquire loans when the needs arise.

Taking out a loan is likewise necessary to build the credit score of the company or individual doing business. When a company or an individual acquire a loan, then, a serious monitoring of the business debt is necessary.

While it is necessary in your business operations and in the payment monitoring, business debt tracker is likewise necessary when audit and tax period comes.

Thus, if you are operating a business, you have to track the business debts your company has. This monitoring is necessary to ensure that you understand the financial condition of your company. If you loose track of your business debts and miss payments, your operations will suffer from debt collection agencies. You have to avoid it and ensure that you are operating a stable business with the help Business Debt Tracker.

You can download a Business Debt Tracker if you do not have a monitor on your own. You can find an Excel template for this which you can download easily. It is a simple Business Debt Tracker which you can mirror in your operations and monitoring of your business finance.

What does a Business Debt Tracker include?

o To whom your company indebted to? State the name of the person or organization you are indebted to. It can be a bank, a financial institution or any other lending institutions.

o Loan Amount – this is amount you borrowed for a specific lender.

o Loan Date, this is when you acquired your loan.

o The current balance of your loan. You have to update this every time you make a payment and thus diminish the balance of your specific loan.

o Interest rates – this is the rate of interest slapped on your loan. If this is your first loan, then you expect a higher interest rate as compared to loan you have acquired with a better credit score. Interest rates for good paying clients are often best as compared to loans acquired by low credit score borrower.

o Maturity Date – you have to be specific with this so you know if you are missing any payment or are already past maturity.

o Monthly payments – this is another column in the business debt tracker from Excel. This will tell you that you need to settle this amount to your creditor periodically.

o Collateral, if you have collateral on your loan, you have to put it in here. You have to know if missing payments will make you loose a certain item in your assets list.

o The template from Excel also has a column for current or past Due amount. You have to put an amount here especially if you have a past due payment. This has to prompt you that you need to settle such an amount immediately to avoid problems with your creditor.

The business debt tracker is a neat monitor which you will use to ensure that your business is paying its creditors on time. If this template is updated with no past due, then your business is stable because it is able to meet its honest obligations. If not, let this business debt tracker guide you in making sure you pay your loans in time.

A good credit standing will reward you with better interest rates and trust from other organizations as well.

Some large companies suffer from huge penalties due to missed payments. This is because they are unable to monitor their business debts well. Be a step ahead and use the business debt tracker for better business finance management.